Ms. Amy Studios

The Studio

About the Instructor

Amy Donahue-Kelley began to play the piano in elementary school at the age of 7. As her proclivity to music increased she furthered her instruction under the classical pianist, Dorothy Solmes. When she was 16 she started playing piano professionally for special events and business functions. Since that time she has built her career around playing and teaching music instruction.

History of Ms. Amy Studios

Ms. Amy Studios was founded in 1998, seeking to provide music and voice lessons for individuals in and around Crystal Lake, Illinois, Ms. Amy teaches out of a private studio in her home.

Instruction Offering

Ms. Amy teaches piano, guitar and voice. Additionally she offers musical theory instruction that examines the language and notation of music.  Scales, drills, rhythm and harmonic notation are also included for both music and voice lessons.

Age and Level Range

Ms. Amy Studios welcomes students ages 5 and up. Ms. Amy offers lessons ranging from brand-new beginners to advanced professionals. She works to meet students at their level and provides additional instruction to grow their experience and enjoyment of music playing.