Ms. Amy Studios

Instructional Program

Goals of the Studio

The primary goal of music instruction is to help students acquire the necessary information to master an instrument. Learning how to play and read music is like learning a language; your brain develops new pathways to process the information. The intent of private instruction allows the student to:

The studio seeks to provide an all-encompassing approach when it comes to music instruction. The instructor provides dedicated and patient teaching methods to help the student understand any musical concept.

Responsibility of the Student

As the instructor spends her time providing dedicated instruction, the student must accept the instruction and have a willingness to learn. Additionally students must:

Failure to comply in the above-mentioned responsibilities can result in a permanent dismissal. Dependable and committed students will excel, but those who exhibit chronic lack of enthusiasm by not following the basic responsibilities will not be tolerated.

Responsibility of the Parent

Incorporating music into your child’s everyday life will help stimulate excitement and curiosity about music. Many students are initially excited about taking music lessons, but the novelty can wear off over time. You can help your child maintain an interest in music by encouraging the following:

Actively involving yourself in your child’s lesson plan will help both the instructor and the child to gain more from weekly lessons.