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Why Study Music at an Early Age

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Memory & Discipline

Musicians have long been shown to have a better working memory than non-musicians. The only other area of study that increases level of ability to quickly recall information, like a list of instructions, is language.

Science now says this may mean muscians and biliniguals require less effort to perform the same task, which could also protect them against cognitive decline and delay the onset of dementia.

The challenge I see with most young students is in one of two areas. First, it does require a good level of discipline to continue to advance past a certain point. I experienced this first hand in my own journey to learn piano. Around the age of twelve, I wanted to stop studying but my parents and teacher encouraged me to continue through these years. I am forever grateful for their encouragement and direction at this pivotal time. They recognized my skill and pushed me through this phase. I think what was important looking back is that I recognize this was a phase. Parents, you know your child best and whether this is temporary notion or truly a definitive decision to stop studying music.

The second challenge is one of time. In our culture we are all so busy, it is hard to be disciplined, let alone have the time to be disciplined! Having too many extracurricular activities is not good for parents or students. Finding the level of committments that work for you and your family should be a priority!

How to achieve discipline – and enjoy it!

Karate is not the only way to learn discipline. Learning to play a musical instrument is one of the most tangible ways, as your musical skills will only progress if you are willing to be discplined and practice.

I often tell students that studying music is like climbing stairs… it might seem impossible at times, when the stairs are extremely steep and you feel like you’ll never reach the top… but then you find a landing and can rest and actually enjoy playing at that level… until you want to continue to advance and push yourself to play more and more difficult music.

Keep practicing!

~Ms. Amy